Code of Conduct and Ethics

The purpose of this code is to describe the principles by which Scott Fleary Productions expects to conduct its business and to provide its employees with guidance on the standards expected when conducting business on behalf of Scott Fleary Productions. More detailed policies and guidelines are available to all employees in the Scott Fleary handbook.

The principles in this code are intended to assist in the normal course of your work but are no substitute for common sense and proper consultation. If you find yourself unsure, it might be helpful to ask yourself – is it legal, is it ethical, can I explain it to my friends and family and is it consistent with Scott Fleary’s values? If not you may want to seek advice. Confidentiality

We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and employees.


Scott Fleary Productions will carry out its activities in a professional, ethical and responsible manner. The finances of the company in an accurate and honest manner, in order to permit that information be obtained and decisions be taken on an informed and responsible basis.

Maintain as confidential the background, data and documents to which they have access by virtue of their functions in the company, even when they no longer carry out such functions.

Select suppliers on the basis of the appropriateness of their products or services, as well as of their prices, delivery conditions and quality, not accepting or offering gifts or commissions, in cash or in kind, which could alter the rules of free competition in the production and distribution of goods and services.

We run our business honourably and honestly and expect our clients and suppliers to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers.

Duty of care

Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant law, and we believe that all businesses and organizations should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people in the organizations we deal with, the local and wider environments, and the well-being of society at large.

Quality assurance

We aim to consistently deliver quality scenery beyond our clients expectations and to provide them with value for money. We are committed to continuous improvement in our organisation; in our work; in developing our staff; in establishing lasting relationships with our suppliers and offering a reliable and consistent service to our clients.

To achieve this we have established a Quality Management System, involving all staff, which provides a framework for identifying and improving our existing performance.
Intellectual property and moral rights

We retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that we create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. In return we respect the moral and intellectual copyright vested in our clients' intellectual property.

Data Protection

In the course of Scott Fleary Productions business, the directors and other employees may have access to personal and confidential information regarding any employee, customers or suppliers (including payment data). It is important that all those whose personal or confidential information we deal with have total confidence that we will treat such data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and corresponding data protection legislation in other countries.

Anti Corruption

We recognise that trust and confidence in the running of our activities are key to Scott Fleary’s continuing success. We therefore take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to compliance with the Bribery Act 2010.
Scott Fleary Productions prohibits the giving, offering, solicitation or acceptance of any cash, gifts, hospitality or any other inducement or favour by any employee of Scott Fleary Productions, however we recognise the importance of good relationships with both customers and suppliers and our policy is not intended to prevent the giving or receiving of normal or appropriate hospitality or the giving and receiving of token gifts.

Equality and discrimination

Scott Fleary Productions recognises that it is essential to provide equal opportunities and to support diversity to all persons without discrimination.

It is our policy to treat all employees of Scott Fleary Productions Ltd and all applicants fairly and equally in the recruitment, promotion, appraisal, training, development and support of its staff and to treat them on the basis of their relative merits and abilities.

No applicant or employee will unjustifiably receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, sex, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term contract status, sexual orientation or religion.
Modern Slavery In accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 we are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships, and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls and training to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our business or in our supply chain.

Health and Safety

Scott Fleary Productions recognises its legal duties to provide a safe place of work for our employees, so far as is reasonably practicable. This will be achieved by ensuring the risks are assessed prior to each operation and that safe working practices are embedded in our culture in order to minimise the risk of injury to our own staff and those who may be affected by our operations.

Through the provision of adequate, appropriate training, we will ensure our staff have the necessary skills and competence to carry out their work in a manner in order for them to co-operate with the management in fulfilling their legal responsibilities.
Staff at Scott Fleary Productions Ltd are expected also to fulfil their legal duties by co-operating with the management on health and safety issues, by working safely and ensuring their acts or omissions to not put themselves or others at risk and by not intentionally interfering with, or misusing any item provided in the interests of health and safety.


Scott Fleary Productions recognises that its activities impact upon the environment. As such we proactively look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. We work to ensure that all employees understand and effectively manage the actual and potential environmental impact of our activities. Our operations will be conducted with due consideration being given to sustainability and the limited use of natural resources. We will comply with all legal requirements and where possible exceed any relevant minimum requirements in areas where we carry out our business to prevent damage to the environment and we are committed to continued efforts to re-use, reduce, recycle and repair.

Updated February 2018


Anti-Slavery Statement 2018

Scott Fleary Productions recognises that slavery and human trafficking remains a hidden blight on our global society. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships, and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our business or in our supply chains. Staff are expected and encouraged to report concerns to management who should then act upon them.

The Company will achieve these aims to identify and mitigate risk in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that all suppliers are aware of our zero tolerance approach towards Slavery and Human Trafficking and our expectations as to how they conduct their business in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • Requiring suppliers who have a turnover of £36m and above to provide a copy of their Statement published under the Modern Slavery Act 2015;
  • Update our standard commercial contract terms to impose obligations upon sub-contractors that they comply with the Act and take steps to ensure their organisations are free from modern slavery.
  • The company will not knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking.
  • Carry out internal training to ensure the risks relating to modern slavery are understood and mitigated.
  • Protect Whistleblowers.
  • Regularly review our supplier relationships and internal policies

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the financial year ending 31st December 2018.

Matthew Scott
Joint Managing Director