Bjork Cornucopia Tour

Project Name: Bjork Cornucopia Tour
Designer: Chiara Stephenson
Client: Wellhart Touring Ltd
Location: Tour North America & Europe

Chiara Stephenson is an international stage and costume designer who works across a broad range of disciplines, Theatre, Ballet and Live Music.

Cornucopia was a collaboration with the Artist, Bjork, and previewed at the new and impressive Shed venue in New York. We constructed the entire stage performance area that had to appear as it was floating, with the absolute bare minimum structure visible to the naked eye. The initial rehearsals took place in London then the entire set was packed down and freighted to New York.

We had to work very closely with our structural engineers to be able to achieve the required “floating” look and our collaboration with Richard Nutbourne (Scenic Artist) delivered a stunning set. The set also serves as a literal canvas for video art by Tobias Gremmler, which is projected onto the curtains in front of the stage, the wall in back, and even onto the custom-made reverb chamber into which Björk and the flautists disappear from time to time.