New Order Manchester Festival

Project Name: New Order Manchester Festival
Designer: Liam Gillick
Client: Manchester International Festival
Location: Manchester Festival and Worldwide Tour

Renowned British conceptual artist Liam Gillick designs a thrilling performance set for the iconic band, New Order, in a special series at Old Granada Studios.

The design is comprised of 2 levels of Platforms with 6 synth players on each, each bay 3m wide by 2.5m to next floor level. In front of these are 6 runs of venetian blind louvres and each set of louvres can rotate from closed one way to fully open and closed the other way and all sync up as well and fully controlled by desk.

The louvres were kept as light as possible, and all the moving elements as low friction as possible. Also, with the moving parts special care was taken to ensure that there were all balanced so the push provided by the motors would not have to cope with different starting torques. 1kW motors were very able to cope without any extra power being created artificially from the power pack. An integrated project of mechanics, motors and electronics, as well as programming a lighting desk required coordination across departments for the once-in-a-lifetime shows by the post-punk icons.