Game of Games

Project Name: Game of Games
Designer: Patrick Watson
Client: Warner Brothers
Location: Madrid Spain and then onto European tour

Scott Fleary developed, manufactured and installed 14 part international touring game show based on Ellen's Game of Games. Launching in Madrid, it toured to Germany, Hungary, Portugal & Dubai.

The Sweater Game involved an inflatable pool with giant washing machines at one end and a giant soap box containing several inflatable swiss balls. The objective of the game is for two teams of two players sharing a giant sweater traversing the pool while a machine pumps slippery suds into the pool and the presenter manoeuvres several giant inflatable t-shirts on a washing line into their path. The winning team is the team with the most balls in the clothes basket at the end of the allotted time.

Tomb of Doom involved a 8m x 5m walled floor area which is fully padded and upholstered. Within this floor area is a 6m wide x 8m long set of temple stairs that are hinged at the bottom and lifted at the landing end so that the rake of elevation can be altered via chain hoist to increase/decrease difficulty of the game. At the summit of the stairs sits a Sphinx statue that can expel slime. The objective of this game is for several contestants to clamber up the stairs whilst preventing the other contestants from passing them. The winner is the first contestant to reach the top and strike the button on the Sphinx’s head.