Masked Singer

Project Name: Masked Singer
Designer: Wieder Design
Client: ITV/Bandicoot Production
Location: A Long Held Secret

The Masks for the Saturday Project were made of fiberglass designed to float on a cantilevered steel frame handling large loads to the studio floor. The Masks were erected in stages, starting with the top sections first to keep the working at height to a minimum.

Under the umbrella of Scott Fleary Productions the specialist’s sculpture skills came through our partner company Windsor Workshop Ltd, a sculpture workshop which evolved from Steve Furlongers. The Masks functioned as 3d projection masks. The accuracy of all points on the surface were very important requiring a fine tolerance with a smoothness to allow lines and patterns projected to be uninterrupted.

Very early on, it was obvious that fibre glass was the material best suited to fulfil the durability and lightness requirements. As the masks are a matching pair, we decided to produce one pattern which would be used to manufacture the two fibre glass Masks. Normally with fibre glass production, this positive pattern would then have a negative mould taken from it, and then two fibre glass casts would be taken from that. The standard process is pattern, mould and then cast. Expense of the moulding process could be reduced, saving the labour, materials and production time by using the positive pattern alone to produce the Mask shape from the 3d model provided.