The X-Factor

Project Name: The X-Factor
Designer: Florian Wieder
Client: Thames Television
Location: Multiple London Studios

Scott Fleary have worked on the X Factor since Season 2.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in this format for so many years and it has been a working environment that has attracted the best technicians in the business, we literally became a family and the shorthand developed between the various skills meant that high quality production values were delivered time and time again under very tight lead-times.

The sets over the years have changed many times, always keeping abreast of the latest technology, integrating that technology into the set build has always been challenging but one we feel we have always embraced.

We delivered many “firsts” on this production and it set the gold standard of production where the bar was always set very high by Simon Cowell, a hard task master but one that let us rise to the challenge.