Our Traditions Fuel Our Innovations

Scott Fleary was formed in 1993 by Matt Scott and Ken Fleary.

Both had previously worked predominantly in the theatre and shared a vision of a client facing business where quality and service were the prime motivators.

They acquired 5000 sq. ft workshop in Battersea and for the first 5 years serviced theatre and mid-scale touring companies. As their reputation for quality and unyielding passion began to grow, larger companies like The National Theatre and the Royal Opera House came on board.

In 1998 the adjoining workshop became available and so the expanding operation took over more space, it was needed as the popularity of Scott Fleary was growing, the business doubled to a 10,000 sq. ft capacity.

Both Matt and Ken at this time took the view that there was a desire to pigeonhole set builders within the entertainment industry into a particular trade. They both felt this was not only narrow minded but counterproductive to the type of business they wished to create.

From the end of the 90’s onwards they made a deliberate incursion into the Television market. Winning the 1997 MTV Awards set build was the first big step, followed closely by the iconic show TV show Light Lunch.

Although some of the purists scoffed at this new diversion Matt and Ken were determined to take on new and exciting markets whilst still preserving their roots as Theatrical contractors. In fact the cross over between all the disciplines proved to be a benefit, not a distraction. They refused to be type cast, as far as they were concerned a many stringed bow was better than one.

During the 00’s they further expanded into Retail, Exhibitions and Corporate markets as the Dot.com boom fuelled a new and dynamic economy, but they still maintained their roots, seeking to always contract at least 30% of their turnover to Theatre and Opera.

2008 saw the move away from Battersea, they had simply outgrown the facility. They purchased a 20,000 sq. ft modern off plan unit in Streatham and kitted it out to suit their exacting requirements. It was a nervous time; the 2008 banking crash had just happened and their “if you build it, they will come” strategy seemed risky – but come they did.

The 2012 London Olympics was a great shot in the arm for the local economy and creative services industry, to be so involved in the event was an honour. The Live Event and Experiential marketing sector of the industry blossomed, and Scott Fleary was perfectly balanced to service this new and exciting market, bringing all of its learnt disciplines to bear.

So here we are today, 28 years later, that original passion for quality and service still burns bright in the original founders and in the team of dedicated staff. Scott Fleary has an enviable low churn of staff. The multidisciplined approach to serving different sectors within the industry has not only proven to be a benefit technically but it has served to build a company that has a depth of knowledge across all scenic disciplines, unrivalled by its competitors.

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