Mindblowing stage designs from concerts around the world

It seems like a lifetime since there was the opportunity to get really excited about going to a concert. However, with life starting to take a turn back towards the normal, there could potentially be plenty of events for music fans to get excited about in the near future. And it’s likely that stage designs are going to come back with a bang as bands and artists look to make a big and memorable impact in these post-pandemic times. With that in mind these are some of the most mindblowing stage designs from concerts around the world that could well inspire the sets we see in the months to come.

Roger Waters - The Wall Live Stage Design

As stage designs go this one was pretty impressive. Tech-driven and using lots of video projection, the stage design provided a backdrop for Waters as he sang a Pink Floyd set without any other members of the band. This tour won Waters the record as the highest grossing solo musician and the epic set remains burned into the minds of many of those who went.

Pink - Fun House Tour Set building and design

Pink doesn’t do things by halves and that was certainly true of the Fun House tour, which was designed to look like a carnival. As well as the opulent aesthetics, the stage was also created to allow for plenty of acrobatics by the singer and her dancers.

David Bowie - Glass Spider Tour Set Building

This tour was exactly what you’d expect of a music master with a penchant for surprise - eclectic, unique and unexpected. The stage design was equally as memorable, bringing to life the name of the tour across the top of the stage. The enormous glass spider provided a frame for the performance with thick velvet rope ‘legs’ draped down on either side of the stage.

U2 - 360 Degree Tour Set Build

The stage for this tour was probably one of the most unusual and impressive of all time, giving concertgoers a different type of access to the band. U2 performed in the centre of the crowd on a huge rotating platform with big screens hung from an enormous four legged structure overhead.

Skrillex - The Mothership Tour Stage design and technology

As a DJ there is only a certain amount of movement that you can achieve on stage but this didn’t stop Skrillex from creating one of the most impressive stage designs for his Mothership Tour. He literally built a spaceship - the mothership - and embedded his DJ booth into it, making the whole experience really out of this world.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way Stage Design and Build

Lady Gaga rarely disappoints when it comes to creativity and theatrics and certainly didn’t in terms of this tour. Her stage design incorporated an enormous castle and allowed the singer to seamlessly feed her five acts to the audience in one single story that made the show as memorable for the aesthetics as the performance.

Kanye West - Saint Pablo Tour Stage Technology and Stage Building

Kanye West has proven himself to be an innovative musician time and time again and the same goes for his approach to stage design. When fans arrived for the Saint Pablo gig there appeared to be no stage - until it was revealed to be suspended above the crowd. West performed high above his fans and celebrity friends who enjoyed a mosh pit style experience below.

Stage design can make or break a tour and these are just some examples of those that will stay with the concertgoers who were lucky enough to see them live.

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