A beautiful Art Installation to remember those lost in the pandemic


A beautiful Art Installation to remember those lost in the pandemic

Thu, 30 May 2024

In the unspoilt countryside of Wiltshire Bruce Munro has created ‘Field of Light’, Bruce is best known for his immersive large-scale light-based art installations. This truly spectacular art installation services to commemorate the lives lost during the pandemic.

In the week where the UK death toll from Covid-19 passed 100,000 Munro wanted to memorialise the individual spirits of those that have died, with every stem representing “the spirit of hope for a life lost”. Art is such a powerful tool and Munro has truly captured the mood not only around the nation but around the world.

The impact of the art installation

"For me this is about the individual spirits of the people who have died and left us in these terrible times but with optimism because they were people who were very much loved and they loved people themselves and this is really their love living on in a very positive way.” said the Wiltshire artist, Bruce Munro.

Mr Munro explains that the art installation is to celebrate life not death. Jan Haslam visited the installation with her daughter Katie, they sadly lost their husband/father, Terry. Jan said she could feel Terry was with them in the Field of Light, like so many who have lost loved ones in the past year they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but this felt like their opportunity to do so. Being able to say goodbye to a loved one makes this art installation priceless.

The UK passing the painful 100,000 death mark is a sobering reality. This figure is double the figure of civilians that were killed in the blitz, but this time the enemy is invisible and far more ruthless. But in the true British Blitz spirit we must rely on community, kindness and art.

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