BAFTA Awards: BTS of Creating and Installing the Set


BAFTA Awards: BTS of Creating and Installing the Set

Mon, 8 Jul 2024

Our recent partnership with Yellow Studio in constructing and installing the set for the 2024 BAFTA Awards was an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what we can achieve. This project was a remarkable journey. Let’s talk about what went on behind the scenes.

The Vision and Design Concept

With Yellow Studio on the reins of concept and design, we embarked on a project that was not just about constructing a set but about honouring the legacy of film and animation. The goal was to create a backdrop that reflected the grandeur of the BAFTA Awards while paying tribute to the cinematic arts. It was a challenge that required us to think creatively and work diligently, blending tradition with modern technology to produce a functional and visually stunning set.

Project Complexity and Execution

The project presented us with a unique set of challenges, from the intricate details of the design to the logistics of installation. The project’s scope included:

  • the creation of an infill area
  • winner’s steps and access ramp
  • stage flooring and fascia
  • a ground row for floor lights alongside masking flats

However, the most striking elements were the presenters’ and winners’ lectern and 12 off LED-lit 8m high BAFTA mask silhouettes positioned centre stage in a 180° carousel.

Executing this vision required meticulous planning and innovation. Each silhouette, crafted from clad steel tubes and layered plywood, incorporated an LED light box within its profile, finished in black laminate and metallic gold paint to mirror the iconic BAFTA mask. The podium, a masterpiece of design, featured a steel framework with a BAFTA mask and sponsor logo, finished in the same striking metallic gold.

Overcoming Complications

Despite the project’s complexity, our team faced and overcame significant challenges. The tight timeframe and the logistical nightmare of manoeuvring the colossal silhouettes through the Royal Festival Hall into the auditorium were particularly daunting. Yet, through determination and strategic planning, we successfully installed the set, highlighting the seamless collaboration between

Scott Flearly and Yellow Studio.

The project’s timeline was also as challenging as its design. We started at midnight on Friday/Saturday and worked tirelessly to showtime on Sunday, with only an 8-hour break. The dedication of our team was evident as we returned post-show to dismantle the set, completing the project in the early hours of Monday.

Construction Highlights and Personal Reflections

Among the many aspects of the set, the BAFTA mask silhouettes and the lectern hold a special place in our hearts. These pieces were not just structural achievements but symbols of the creativity and passion that drive our industry. Working on these features was a rewarding experience that filled us with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Final Thoughts

We hope a glimpse into the craftsmanship offers insight into the work and attention to detail that went into the BAFTA 2024 set. It was a collective effort marked by moments of innovation, teamwork, and a shared passion for bringing creative visions to life. We are pleased to have been a part of such a meaningful project and hope our work added to the magic of the BAFTA Awards.

Reflecting on the BAFTA 2024 set construction, we are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Yellow Studio and contribute to an event that celebrates the best of film and animation. It was a project that challenged, inspired, and ultimately brought us together to pursue excellence.

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