Bringing Unique Geometry And Colours To TV Studios


Bringing Unique Geometry And Colours To TV Studios

Thu, 30 May 2024

TV studio design is changing, as technology provides new ways to make spaces more versatile and to deliver more impactful results. From integrating more augmented reality to bringing in unique geometry and colours, there are many different ways in which the design of the modern TV studio is evolving. The end result should not only make studios simpler and easier to use but also provide a more enjoyable experience for viewers too.

ESPN – the example

ESPN’s Studio F in its Digital Center 1 is a great example of the way in which unique geometry and colours are increasingly being brought into TV spaces. The previous design was the same kind of brick, wood and leather aesthetic that has become customary for many sports shows. However, the studio’s director of design and development worked with designers to bring modern architecture in as the inspiration for the new set. Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are just two of the names that have provided vital inspiration that resulted in a set that makes much more of a statement thanks to flowing lines and some unique geometry. This aligns with the design of many modern sports venues, which increasingly feature more dramatic curves and flowing lines – see Allegiant Stadium as a great example.

A more versatile colour space

The new ESPN set provides flexibility in terms of the colours and tones that can be used for programmes. Brushed aluminum, white marble and wood laminates mean that video display graphics and lighting cues can be used to continually revamp the design of the space and bring in a broad range of colours. The set includes many different features that are designed to play with ideas of colour, including wrap-around perforated mesh panels with pops of color built in.

Making TV spaces more flexible and versatile

This approach is designed to help achieve greater flexibility thanks to display technology and lighting cues. There is more room for branding as well as five curved video displays and LED panels in the desk design that mean the studio can accommodate many different uses. It also has a casual seating area that can be adapted for different scenarios, from a demo area to an Augmented Reality backdrop. Augmented Reality has become a vital tool in TV studios today, whether that relates to the news, election night or sports broadcasts. It has a lot of potential to enhance viewing experience and to give shows more opportunity to connect with audiences. The new ESPN set is designed to take full advantage of the available technology, including integrated lighting to match team colours and the ability to accommodate a wide range of Augmented Reality graphics.

TV studios today are much more technologically enhanced spaces than they have ever been. However, the right design is key to ensure that tech can function and that spaces work – for staff and for viewers. The unique geometry and colours that have been integrated into the ESPN set design illustrate just how much this combination of aesthetics and effects is going to be a priority going forward.

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