The Bike that will get you to the shops on Icy days – Do Not Try This at Home


The Bike that will get you to the shops on Icy days – Do Not Try This at Home

Mon, 8 Jul 2024

The Beast from the East is back but there is a solution using clever design tech construction to get you to the shop despite the ice rink outside your front door. Most of Europe has been covered in snow for the past few weeks thanks to a cold wave from Siberia (as if the theatre, pubs, cinemas, and sports arenas being closed wasn’t bad enough), the beast from the east seems to be becoming a regular occurrence which means we need solutions to get around!

The Bike

Some say reinventing the wheel is foolish but in this case The Q have done just that! They have replaced bike wheels with gigantic massive circular saw blades to make it possible to ride on ice. What makes this invention even better is that it’s called the ‘Icycycle’, had they named it anything else it would have been madness.

We don’t recommend trying this at home, and it probably shouldn’t be your latest lockdown project. The first draft of the Icycycle just cut through the ice, which is hardly surprising considering they are massive saws! But after a rethink the team responsible for the project went back to the workshop and added a small modification to allow the bike to get better grip without creating an ice sculpture.

Future of the Bike

This design may not be for sale in your local Halfords next winter, understandably there is likely to be a lot of health and safety issues with this extraordinary 2-wheel nightmare. We’re not quite sure how well it would go down cycling through the streets, but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about tyre punctures and cars will definitely give you a wide berth!

Despite this design being more of just an experiment for The Q the concept is very interesting and could open up ideas for how bikes may adapt in much colder countries. With the people of Amsterdam currently ice skating on the canals it would only make sense that the city of bikes will start using designs like this to make getting around a breeze.

Our engineering department may not be making Icycycle’s but check out some of the innovative design tech construction they do get up to!

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