How a Luxembourg Experiment could be the Breakthrough the event companies need


How a Luxembourg Experiment could be the Breakthrough the event companies need

Thu, 30 May 2024

Live music events have seriously suffered since the pandemic first began in 2020. Despite social distancing being attempted in between lockdowns the industry has come almost to a complete standstill all over the world as gigs and concerts have been cancelled. Many artists have tried to come up with innovative ways to still reach fans – such as ‘space bubble’ gigs or streaming online. However, the reality for many has been a waiting game until restrictions lift. This has been on top of the issues that have been created by Brexit, which has meant that UK performers now face many more obstacles when it comes to obtaining touring visas. However, there is hope. This month, a live music experiment being carried out in Luxembourg could finally be the route out of shutdown that event companies need.

What’s the Luxembourg experiment?

Luxembourg is the venue for five live music events that are going to be held across February with high level health measures and COVID-19 restrictions in place. The Because Music Matters shows are being organised by the Arena Resilience Alliance, which is a lobby group that is part of the European Arenas Association. Shows will feature a range of different music, from techno to piano and metal. The series of concerts is designed to provide a blueprint for bringing live events back so that this struggling industry can get back on its feet. The experiment is being organised with these standards in place:

  • The capacity of each concert is limited to 100
  • Fans who are attending will be required to wear masks throughout
  • All of the concerts will be seated
  • Social distancing measures will be strict and enforced
  • The events will be designed around a 360 degree stage with seats on all sides

In order to be able to use the Luxembourg experiment to help restart the live events industry, there will be testing too. Fans will be tested before the event and then again seven days later.

Supporting back to business for live events

The Luxembourg experiment could be an important breakthrough for events businesses that have been struggling since the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold. Those behind the Luxembourg experiment see the events as a test for the effectiveness of safety measures – if they work then this same model could be rolled out for event businesses across many different countries. This kind of international collaboration could be a key moment in the road to recovery for the events industry, in the UK, Europe and across the world. The shows are due to take place between 10th and 14th February and will be held in conjunction with Luxembourg’s national health inspection authority.

For many months it has seemed like there is little light at the end of the tunnel where live events are concerned. However, the Luxembourg experiment – if it works – could provide a pathway back to a place where we can once again open the doors of music and events venues to the public.


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