Scott Fleary, the creative construction company, can make anything a good time, how to have a happy quarantined new years eve


Scott Fleary, the creative construction company, can make anything a good time, how to have a happy quarantined new years eve

Thu, 30 May 2024

This New Year’s Eve is going to be unlike any other for many of us. Rather than going to a big public fireworks display, hosting a huge party or going to your friends’ house for dinner, it’s likely to be largely indoors and limited to the people who are already in your household. However, that doesn’t have to mean that it can’t be a night to remember, one way or another. You can still have a happy quarantined New Years Eve when you know how.

  • Go all out on the decorations. If you were thinking that smaller celebrations should mean modest decorations then you couldn’t be more wrong. From 2021 balloons to bucketloads of streamers, flashing lights or glitter this is one night that deserves all the creativity you can give it.
  • Look the part. When you’ve put up the decorations you can’t just sit there in your PJs. Whether it’s fancy dress or a really fancy outfit and lots of sparkling jewellery (or a tux) your outfit can help to bring a sense of occasion to the turn of the year.
  • Play some games. If you’ve got another person there then you can enjoy New Year’s Eve as a competitive event with some fun games. These might be board games, games about NYE resolutions or a 2020 end of year quiz that you create yourself or dial into via a video platform like Zoom.
  • Look back over 2020. Whether this has been a hard year or an easy year – or a mixture of both – when we get to New Year’s Eve that means we’ve got to the end of it and that’s worth celebrating. You could do this with a bit of scrapbooking, bringing together all the moments you were grateful for in 2020, or even a slide show or short story.
  • Have some cocktails. This is the perfect night for a stylish tipple or two and as you’re at home you can easily create your own. Champagne is the best base for any super festive New Year’s Eve cocktail – add a sugar cube and some brandy for a classic twist or cherry liqueur and an actual cherry or two for something a bit different.
  • Be festive with the food. Even if you’re on your own you can still celebrate with a fantastic meal so prepare a selection of your favourites and then enjoy. Whether that’s roast beef or an epic pizza make sure you have something tasty to sample before midnight rolls around.
  • Watch a film. If you’re over the Christmas film selection then pick something that’s New Year’s Eve-worthy instead and stay entertained right up to midnight. A few suggestions include Phantom Thread, which features an impressive New Year’s Eve party and incredible costumes or Snowpiercer if you’re all about the action.


Whatever you choose to do for New Year’s Eve this year – and whoever you’re with – there are still plenty of opportunities to make sure it’s a good one. To learn more about Scott Fleary, contact us.

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