The quirkiest pop-up bars that bespoke construction brought to life


The quirkiest pop-up bars that bespoke construction brought to life

Thu, 30 May 2024

The concept of a ‘pop-up’ bar has been around for quite some time, with brands and business owners offering unique and often outrageous venues that attract the more adventurous socialite. These temporary establishments allow for owners to experiment with new and original concepts on a smaller scale, reducing the associated risk in comparison to completely revamping their brand or bar overnight. A big part of the whole pop-up experience involves the physical creation of a bespoke but creatively niche venue that conveys the voice of your brand, whilst also demonstrating an exciting and often interactive theme. As a result, those who work within creative construction often lick their lips when commissioned to create such a project, as the most challenging proposals provide the biggest rewards.

“What’s on the venue”?

As a way to demonstrate the level of creativity and innovation that can be exhibited through pop-up bars, below we have collated some of the standout venues that we’ve seen across the world over the last few years.

‘The Doghouse’

No, you haven’t forgotten to message your significant other back after a long night of drinking. The eco-friendly bar called ‘The Doghouse’ adopted a design based around sustainability (which is all the rage nowadays) and utilised a 1920’s ‘speakeasy’ theme to entice patrons in with a quirky, periodic theme. Their unique design and decor included tables and chairs – which were made of eco-friendly materials – that could be folded away and concealed within the venue’s walls, whilst vintage decorations such as beer and gin bottles dangled from the rafters. This bar was created as a result of a design competition called ‘The Premise’, and was built in Sydney, Australia on a rooftop in only 24 days.

‘Hot Tub Cinema’

Have you ever wanted to strip off and jump into a hot tub surrounded by strangers to enjoy an delicious cocktail and an iconic film? Of course you have! With this in mind, the ‘Hot Tub Cinema’ was born, allowing for the more care-free and less body conscious individual to enjoy a day relaxing on a rooftop in a friendly and vibrant environment. With drinks service and a live DJ also included, this pop-up event promised a night to remember, with its success causing its concept to spread across the world to locations such as New York, Ibiza and Melbourne.


Ever wanted to step into the boots of ‘Heisenberg’ and cook up a storm? Well now you can (sort of). This ‘Breaking Bad’ themed pop-up RV that was set up in London allowed for avid fans of the hit TV show to enter the world of ‘cocktail cooking’, dressing up in the now iconic hazmat suits and formulating their own addictive creations. With the design and feel for the show encapsulated within the venue, this pop-up portal into the world of Walter White provided fans with a service that didn’t disappoint.

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