The Best of 2021: Top 10 hottest CNC Router Projects


The Best of 2021: Top 10 hottest CNC Router Projects

Thu, 30 May 2024

CNC routers – essentially, computerised cutting machines – can be used for just about anything, from making jewellery to sculpting or producing various parts in materials such as stone or wood. Thanks to the use of CAM and CAD software all you really need to do is draw an idea and the CNC router can bring it to life. 2021 was a bumper year for these projects – and these were the hottest ones around.

  1. A CNC wood-cut clock. Zenziwerken designed a CNC wood-cut clock that is slightly different to the average. In this design, the roman numerals are used as butterfly joints for the rest of the clock. Little design features like this are simple when you’re using a CNC router.
  2. A parametric desk cubby. This design is made from MDF and is fascinating to look at, as well as to assemble, as it simply slides together with no fasteners required. This good-looking storage solution is not just aesthetically pleasing but practical too.
  3. A 3D trivet. Small details in the kitchen, like a trivet for hot pans, can make all the difference when it comes to interior design. The 3D wavy look of this trivet has a bold aesthetic and is easy to make in different sizes with a CNC router. It’s best to avoid a wood finish as that won’t pair well with hot pans.
  4. A robot arm. You don’t necessarily need a 3D printer to create a robot arm – in fact this one can be brought to life entirely with your CNC router.
  5. A kinetic sculpture. Designed by Clayton Boyer, this kinetic sculpture is made almost entirely from wood and is not only a good-looking wall piece but also a great example of mechanical skill. 
  6. A dodecahedron lamp. This design was originally intended for a laser cutter so needs to be approached with a degree of focus and precision. Pieces can be cut from acrylic or plywood and then simply assembled with glue. All it requires is the addition of a standard socket and then the lamp is good to go.
  7. A layered skull. From paperweights to desktop designs, the layered skull can be practical or beautiful and created in many different ways. Plywood, acrylic, and MDF will all work well.
  8. Space frame stool. The space frame stool is a challenging CNC router project but one that makes a big impression. The name comes from the crisscrossing frames of spacecraft – you can create them in different sizes and they look great anywhere.
  9. A bent spiral bowl. This bowl looks really striking but is actually made out of a single piece of plywood. Pieces of plywood are cut with a CNC router and then bent into a nice decorative bowl (after softening in water).
  10. Elephant puzzle. This simple puzzle is so straightforward but can bring hours of joy to the kids in your life. You’ll need the puzzle to be at least an inch wide if you want it to stand up on its own.

If you’re into CNC routers and looking for inspiration for projects these are some of the best.

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