The ultimate guide to Set Design for 2023


The ultimate guide to Set Design for 2023

Thu, 30 May 2024

Set design has a big part to play in theatre productions and anything on the stage. However, that isn’t the only context in which it makes a big difference. Industrial stage design can feature everywhere, from corporate events to fashion shows and awards ceremonies. The quality and creativity in industrial set design will make a big difference to how much impact it makes and can be key to the way that people interact with it.

What is set design?

It’s the aesthetic element of a production or show that brings the broader vision to life. Industrial stage design means incorporating all the ideas and elements contributed by organisations or directors and making them a reality. There are many different tools that are available to help make this happen, including backdrops, scenes, scales and a variety of props. The purpose of industrial stage design or set design is to create something that is visually representative of an event, or which integrates with the design scheme of the event. Visual displays like this can be a vital part of delivering anything, from a theatre production to a conference industrial stage design or any kind of performance.

The benefits of great industrial stage design

  • Increased audience engagement. Whatever the event or production, your audience is much more likely to engage with it where the visual elements are strong. A dull white background isn’t going to make much impact or have much effect.
  • Creating a memorable experience. Whether it’s a corporate event or a fashion show, memorability matters. The industrial stage design can support the content appearing on it – and it can also be one of the elements of the experience that people remember the most.
  • Atmosphere and setting. The design of the stage can have a big impact on the mood that is created and how people experience the environment they're in, which is why it’s such an important part of creating an atmosphere.

What to consider

  • The set design should create a unique perspective. Industrial stage design should be visually pleasing and hit all the right aesthetic notes. It should also be able to deliver something completely unique that emphasises the individuality of the event or show and what it is trying to communicate or achieve.
  • It may also be about problem solving. Great set design looks impressive and also solves potential problems for the action that is going to take place. The right set can smooth out all sorts of potential issues that might otherwise hold an event or production back.
  • Efficiency and timelines. The best industrial stage design can be produced quickly and creatively, to specific deadlines so that it doesn’t hold up the event delivery. Working with a great team for industrial stage design for live events will ensure that you get exactly what you’ve asked for, on time and on budget.

Set design is as important as any other element of a production or show – and can have a big impact when it’s done well.

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