Some of the best Theatre to look forward to in 2021


Some of the best Theatre to look forward to in 2021

Wed, 28 Feb 2024

We all need something to look forward to – and for theatre fans, 2021 could be so much better than the past 12 months have been. The UK is renowned for the variety and quality of its theatre productions, whether you’re a fan of musicals, comedy or the most cutting edge brand new productions. The theatre world has felt the impact of the pandemic heavily with many theatres closed or forced to find other ways to reach audiences, such as via broadcast. Now, with the potential for theatres to reopen this year, there is huge enthusiasm to get back on stage and, as a result, some wonderful shows for theatregoers to look forward to. Here is just a selection of what will be on.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

This musical is about a real life Jamie who faced some serious challenges and overcame them to make his dreams come true. It’s an inspiring piece of theatre and comes with a fantastic set of musical numbers that will get you up and out of your seat. Jamie is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an uplifting experience that is truly fabulous.

Back to the Future

This musical version of the classic film needs little introduction. If you loved Marty McFly and Dr Emmet Brown then you can book in to see the production at the Adelphi theatre from 20th August.


It’s not that often that you get a brand new British musical that causes a complete sensation but Six has already done just that. The ‘six’ in the title of the musical refers to the wives of Henry VIII, each of whom picks up a mic to tell the audience, via song, about their experiences of life with one of Britain’s most famous monarchs. This is a popfest with its roots in female empowerment and a little bit of history thrown in. Tickets go on sale from 29th March.

The Play That Goes Wrong

If you’re looking for exceptional comedy value then The Play That Goes Wrong provides it by the bucketload. This is literally a play that goes wrong but in the most hilarious of ways. The plot focuses on the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society who are trying to stage a murder mystery play but are held back by everything, from sets that fall down to props that go missing. It’s hard not to laugh at this production – you can book tickets for 18th June onwards.


The new offering from Andrew LLoyd Webber is a musical comedy that is designed to take one of the best known fairytales in the world to a whole new level. It stars Carrie Hope Fletcher as a ‘misfit’ Cinderella and is “all about the beauty of being what you are rather than what you try to make yourself.”

The Prince of Egypt

The music and lyrics to The Prince of Egypt were written by the same talent behind Wicked so you are guaranteed a fun, intense and uplifting experience with this show. The plot is about brotherhood, destiny and overcoming challenges – with a fantastically catchy soundtrack thrown in.

These are just some of the fantastic productions that are coming to a stage near you in 2021. To learn about Scott Fleary's fantastic theatre scenery construction, contact us.

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