The top 5 virtual art installations to get you through lockdown


The top 5 virtual art installations to get you through lockdown

Thu, 30 May 2024

Lockdown has had many downsides but one of the advantages has been the way in which art and culture have been made more digital – and, as a result, more accessible. A prime example of this is the number of virtual art exhibitions that have sprung up across the world. Now, you no longer need to be in major cities such as London to see the latest exhibitions as you can simply do this online instead. These are the top 5 virtual art exhibitions that you can see right now.

Exhibition: Heart of the Nation

If you thought that a virtual exhibition was simply a collection of images then this show proves otherwise. Not only does it cover essential topics like the role of immigrants in our health services over the years but it also evolves as you scroll, creating a truly immersive experience.

Exhibition: Trulee Hall

If lockdown has started to feel a little stale and joyless then this exhibition is just the thing to enliven the senses and bring back some perspective. From huge phallic statues to fountains in the shape of breasts it incorporates lots of nods to the sensual and the fun. The exhibition is easy to view via the site which also has the added bonus of making the previous exhibition by Shana Moulton available too.

Exhibition: Peter Kennard: photomontages

The theme of this virtual exhibition is the way that government policies impact the world we live in. So, expect to see images that integrate ideas around everything, from nuclear destruction to education policies. Peter Kennard is a fascinating activist artist and talks ‘visitors’ through the exhibition as you go.

Exhibition: Le Petit Trianon

A San Francisco chateau provides the setting for this exhibition, proving that digital art really can transport you to anywhere in the world. The wide open architecture and palatial feel could well be a welcome contrast to the cabin fever that many of us are suffering from in less spacious homes right now. Via this digital exhibition you’ll be able to see a combination of artists – outside, Conrad Shawcross’ incredible helical structures in bold colours are both mind boggling and breathtaking. Instead Kate MccGuire’s feathered creations are innovative and transporting.

Exhibition: Set in Stone

The theme of this exhibition is basically “is anything set in stone anymore?” and that’s something that feels very pertinent after the events of this year. The artists taking part in this exhibition have explored the theme in many different ways and from a diverse range of perspectives. It features everything, from figurative painting to abstract structures, all interpreting what each artist has felt the most important to examine about what is no longer set in stone. Surviving lockdown means ensuring that you stay stimulated and there is nothing better for achieving that than the arts. These virtual art exhibitions are not just entertaining but could also be pretty inspiring too. You can also have a look at some of the art installation projects from Scott Fleary.

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