What services does Scott Fleary offer?


What services does Scott Fleary offer?

Wed, 28 Feb 2024

Scott Fleary is a creative construction company providing a wide range of solutions for creative services. The team was established in 1993 and has grown into a business with a commitment to high quality and a passion for what they do. Today, that includes designing and installing set construction, scenery and delivering technical solutions for a wide range of creative settings, including live events, theatre and TV. These are the core services that Scott Fleary offers.

Project management.

Effective project management not only helps to ensure that timelines are respected but also that there is effective integration between a wide range of different elements, including video, rigging and lighting.

Paint and finish.

When it comes to the final aesthetic, it’s the paint and finish that determines just how impactful this is likely to be. It’s a service the team at Scott Fleary are very proud of as it is delivered by scenic artists who always guarantee an impeccable finish.


It’s the engineering team who are responsible for bringing a broad spectrum of different creations into being, whether that is a lightweight decorative piece or or a large structural platform. Being able to do this requires a lot of different skills and resources – everything that is built by Scott Fleary is created in the business’ workshop.

LED and electrics.

Art often requires illumination and this is where the LED and electrics team at Scott Fleary really comes into its own. Many creative projects have technical challenges that can be solved by innovative ideas and the dedication to bringing a client’s vision to life without any restrictions.

Design technology.

The key skill of the Scott Fleary design technology team is being able to bridge the gap between the vision that a client has and the practicalities that will bring it to life. Our team will convert those visions and dreams into comprehensive construction drawings.


There is no doubt that the technology of CNC has changed the way that scenery is built forever and can be transformative for any project. At Scott Fleary we pour years of experience into the area of CNC and the ability to bring designs to life, no matter how complex or how challenging the specifications of the project.


The team who work on carpentry for Scott Fleary are skilled master artisans capable of using wood to create beautiful aesthetics as well as complex structures. The team has a very broad spectrum of experience and works not just with wood but also other materials such as glass and high pressure laminates. Every piece is hand crafted and beautifully finished.


The team at Scott Fleary can ensure that every aspect of a project is comprehensively taken care of. This includes building, delivering, derigging and storage, whether that’s in the UK or internationally

When it comes to bringing creative construction to life in the most impactful and effective way possible, the range of services offered by Scott Fleary is second to none.

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