Our History


1993: Founding and Theatrical Beginnings

In 1993, Matt Scott and Ken Fleary established their eponymous company, driven by a shared vision of a client-focused business prioritizing quality and service. Initially, their work revolved around crafting touring sets, drawing from their backgrounds in theatre. The company’s humble beginnings were in a small workshop located in Battersea. As their reputation for excellence and dedication grew, prestigious institutions like the Royal Opera House and The National Theatre sought their services.


1998: Expanding Horizons

By 1998, Scott Fleary had flourished, expanding into an adjacent workshop, effectively doubling their workspace. Keen on diversification and avoiding being confined to just the theatrical sphere, they ventured into television, achieving rapid success with accolades like the MTV awards and Light Lunch. Emboldened by these accomplishments, the company further branched out into the retail, corporate, and exhibition markets, capitalizing on the dot-com boom of the early 2000s. These new ventures contributed to their development and expertise in various disciplines, while they retained a steadfast commitment to their theatrical roots, dedicating a significant portion of their time to theatre projects.


2000: Embracing Technological Shifts

During the early 2000s, Scott Fleary harnessed the potential of the burgeoning experiential marketing sector and adapted to the changing landscape of the creative industries. The company was part of the dynamic dot-com era, continuously innovating to stay relevant and meet evolving demands.


2008: A Bold Move and Resilience

In 2008, facing the limitations of their Battersea location, Scott Fleary made a bold decision to purchase a modern 20,000 square foot unit in Streatham, customizing it to meet their specific needs. Despite the challenges posed by the subsequent banking collapse, the company persevered, tapping into the growing experiential marketing industry and even playing a role in the prestigious 2012 Olympics.


2012: Television Success and Theatre Recognition

Over the next four years, Scott Fleary made a name for itself as a go-to provider for sets in high-profile primetime game and talent shows, with appearances on shows such as X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, The Masked Singer, and more. Their sets became a common sight on television screens across the nation. Yet, amid their television success, they never lost touch with their theatrical roots, crafting sets for various theatre productions. Their dedication to quality and creativity led to several award-winning theatre sets, such as Best of Enemies, Motive and Cue, and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.


2019: Continuing the Legacy

In 2019, Scott Fleary remained at the forefront of the creative industries, serving clients with an unwavering passion for quality and service. The company boasted a remarkable team of dedicated and long-serving staff, many of whom had grown and developed within the company itself. The founders’ vision, now carried forward by a new generation, guided Scott Fleary’s diverse portfolio, fostering unparalleled knowledge across all scenic disciplines. The company’s commitment to innovation and professionalism persisted, providing precise creative solutions to their clients.

Matt Scott shared: “We are committed to the production of innovative, professional, and quality creative solutions.”

Ken Fleary added: “Our workmanship embodies the values we believe in, creating a constant dialogue between design and construction to deliver a precise vision for the client.”

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