Art Installation

Take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder

Innovative British artist Alex Chinneck, best known for creating architectural optical illusions, brought his floating house installation to Scott Fleary for Covent Garden’s famous open air market. A precise replica of a section of the 184-year-old market building, it was created to look as if its upper portion has broken.
Take my lightning but dont steal my thunder - Art Installation - Scott Fleary

Arcadia (South Bank Peace Pavilion)

Gabriel Lester’s studio PolyLester is globally renowned, focusing on art, public sculptures and architectural interventions, was commissioned by the South Bank Centre as part of The Festival of Love to deliver a stunning art installation that would complement the “Art Across the Site” exhibition. It explored the different types of.

Richard Tuttle’s ‘I Don’t Know. The Weave of Textile Language’

Renowned American artist Richard Tuttle’s largest-ever sculpture was installed in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Entitled ‘I Don’t Know. The Weave of Textile Language’ a huge floating sculpture that combines steel, timber and vast sways of fabric, enormous in its own right filling the Turbine Hall end to end.