Black Sabbath – The Ballet

Imagining a more perfect centrepiece for Black Sabbath – The Ballet is a challenge in itself. Picture a chrome demon astride an upturned car, boasting an impressive 8-foot wingspan, menacing horns, and a truly demonic codpiece!

Project Details

Designer: Alexandre Arrechea

Client: Birmingham Royal Ballet

Location: Birmingham/Plymouth/London

This extraordinary opportunity brought together the talents of set designer Alexandre Arrechea and the BRB team spearheaded by Carlos Acosta. Crafting this masterpiece demanded a fusion of innovative construction techniques, including CNC and 3D printed components seamlessly integrated into a robust steel armature, all resting on a sturdy steel base frame featuring an integrated revolve.
In a remarkable collaboration between Scott Fleary and Windsor Workshop, this endeavor yielded something truly exceptional. Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding work!


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