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Andrew Mitchell

Senior Project Manager

Returning to England after a childhood spent in New Zealand, Andrew began his career dabbling in Civil Engineering; large pontoons, bridges etc – basically anything big and mechanical.

He went on to study Theatre Design at Rose Bruford and upon graduation assisted Francis O’Conner and Alice Power, which is where we came across him – we could tell he loved big mechanical stuff.

He started at Scott Fleary in 2006 and at the same time literally went back to Uni. First, he achieved Batchelor of Engineering, then Master of Engineering, MSC (Engineer) and he is now a member of MIET. Andrew is a highly educated and prolific engineer; he’s become a go to guy for many of our repeat clients.

So basically anything big, heavy, complicated, moving, engineered, will have passed across his desk, it’s what really excites him, he’s still like a kid to this day.

In between being a Dad and loyal husband, he can be found looking at massive bolts or watching Engineering filth videos on YouTube.

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