Craftsmanship at its finest: The artisans of Scott Fleary


Craftsmanship at its finest: The artisans of Scott Fleary

Thu, 30 May 2024

Scott Fleary is a creative construction company, formed in 1993, bringing together artisans from across the industry. The motivation behind setting up the business was to avoid the pigeonholing of set builders into a particular trade and create a client-facing business that could support a variety of sectors, with quality and service as the foundation. This has seen the business expand from theatre into TV and sporting events like the 2012 London Olympics. Today the artisans of Scott Fleary make up a broad range of trades and a business that encompasses innovative, professional and quality creative solutions across a range of sectors.

The artisans of Scott Fleary

  • Carpenters. The team of carpenters at Scott Fleary are highly skilled at what they do and can construct everything, from stunning furnishings to complex structures. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise within this team, which is able to work with a broad spectrum of materials from wood to glass.
  • Design technology. At the heart of every project that Scott Fleary works on are the team in design technology. Here a client’s vision is brought to life as these specialists create elaborate construction drawings that perfectly reflect the vision that the client has outlined. Attention to detail is the hallmark of this team, which is always on top of the latest insights and skills development.
  • CNC. There is no doubt that CNC machines changed the game when it comes to building scenery, making any 3D design possible in any shape. This is precision manufacturing at its finest from a team with a wealth of expertise and experience.
  • LED and electrics. This is an area that requires extensive experience in lighting design and creative problem solving, both of which the artisans at Scott Fleary bring to the table. It’s not just about overcoming technical challenges but also having the creative skill to bring the vision of an artist to life.
  • Installation. The process of installation can have many different stages and the team at Scott Fleary is equipped to handle each and every one. From design and build through to derig and storage, every aspect of installation is seamlessly managed by this expert and experienced team.
  • Engineering. Within the team of engineers and metal fabricators at Scott Fleary you’ll find some of the most artistic minds in the business. This team can fashion anything, from the simplest lightweight creations to complex structures. Everything is created in the Scott Fleary workshop.
  • Paint and finish. This team of Scott Fleary artisans creates incredible results with both simple and cutting edge tools, as well as a deep understanding of some of the most masterful techniques. Whether it’s creating a stunning trompe l’oeil paint effect or a breathtaking stage design, the team is renowned for being able to bring to life a stunning finish that always has the desired impact.

From carpenters and painters to those who engineer and install, the artisans of Scott Fleary represent craftsmanship at its finest.

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