How can Scott Fleary help you with creative construction solutions


How can Scott Fleary help you with creative construction solutions

Thu, 30 May 2024

Scott Fleary has built a reputation for creative construction solutions, providing a range of innovative scenery and technical solutions for the creative services industry. The team provides the full spectrum of support when it comes to creative construction, from design and project management through to finishing and installation. These are just some of the ways in which Scott Fleary can help you with creative construction solutions today.

Our team works in every creative industry

When it comes to creative construction, you have probably already seen the work that Scott Fleary has done in bringing effective designs to life. Our team has a vast range of experience in TV, for example, providing creative construction solutions to The X Factor, Game of Games and The Voice, among many others. We have created solutions for news studios, such as the Bloomberg London TV studio, and also supported a whole range of institutions in bringing creative vision to life through art installations at the South Bank Peace Pavilion and ‘Take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’ in Covent Garden. The team’s theatre work has included The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at The Apollo Theatre, as well as Frankenstein at The National.

We provide the full spectrum of support

Creative construction is a process that brings vision to life and there are many different elements involved. These are just some of the ways in which Scott Fleary is able to provide key support.

  • Project management. Ensuring that every project is completed to time and expectations is a vital part of the process of bringing visions to life in the creative services industry.
  • Design technology. The first part of building the bridge between imagination and reality is creating detailed plans for making that happen. The team at Scott Fleary has a wealth of experience with turning designs into full elaborated construction drawings that can be used to ensure an accurate and engaging outcome.
  • LED and electrics. Lighting plays a central role in creative construction and the team brings creative problem-solving skills to the table as well as a whole range of relevant experience.
  • CNC. The use of CNC machines has been revolutionary for creative construction and the Scott Fleary team has the expertise and resources to bring demanding specifications to life to a high standard.
  • Carpentry. Those who work in carpentry at Scott Fleary have a broad spectrum of expertise that ensures the team can deliver on everything, from beautiful furnishings to big, complex structures.
  • Paint and finish. One of the final stages in creative construction, paint and finish involves the talents of scenic artists who are skilled in delivering the most breathtaking finishes.
  • Installation. All the practical aspects are taken care of, including building, delivering, installing and derigging.

Scott Fleary brings the expertise, insight and resources that you need to empower any creative construction solutions. From project management to CNC and installation, the depth of skills and experience that the team has ensures that they can deliver, every time.

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