What is the future of viewing art?

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What is the future of viewing art?

Mon, 8 Jul 2024

You may have heard the idea that art is a reflection of society. Artists often produce work that is the result of their relationship with the world around them, whether that relates to politics and social issues or power and wealth. As technology has continued to evolve there have been even stronger links made between art and the world, as photography and video have been used to communicate and capture ideas and moments. So, art – and the way we view it – is very much a movable feast. But what does the future of that look like?

Technology has a huge impact

Artists tend to use whatever visual means are available to them at the time when it comes to creativity. And so, inevitably, technology is going to play a role in the future of viewing art. New materials have made the experience of art much more 3D, with plastic, metal alloys and polymers providing a wealth of options. Tech has provided the means to bring a wider range of creativity to life through channels like 3D printers and virtual reality too.

Digital creation is inevitably going to be a key part

It has only been a couple of decades since computers became mainstream but they have made such a huge impact on a sector like art in that time. Devices and software create a whole new landscape of possibilities for creativity and the way we interact and view art. Even software that we are already familiar with – such as Photoshop – has the potential to be revolutionary in art terms. This, alongside other options like Blender, allow artists to venture into new territory when it comes to photo retouching or 3D modeling and animation.

Art is a lot more accessible than it once was

Whether you’re talking about the creation of art or the way that it is viewed, there is no doubt that art is much more accessible than it used to be. In fact, this has generated considerable criticism among some who feel that it was once the preserve of enthusiastic amateurs but today is being dominated by billionaires and brands. Art has become much more synonymous with entertainment and art galleries and museums have become tourist attractions while shopping centres invest in designs that give their spaces more of a gallery or showcase feel. One way to counter criticisms about this accessibility is simply to note that art might be more accessible than it used to be – but it is no less justified.

What is a work of art anyway?

NFTs and digital creation are increasingly changing what we define as a ‘work of art.’ For example, some have speculated that a Cryptopunk feels more akin to a very rare Pokemon card than a work of art.

Art has always had its detractors because it is all about change and challenge. The future of viewing art is going to be very much aligned with changes that take place in society – an open mind is all any of us really needs to appreciate it. Scott Fleary is a creative construction company with a wealth of resources to support the future of viewing art.

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