News and Sport

BBC Sport – Wimbledon

Designed to maximise a small studio area, the hybrid set of physical and virtual elements created an impression of a large, open space through clever integration of the two layers.

Bloomberg London TV Studio

Bloomberg HQ Studio Scott Fleary worked alongside Sir Robert McAlpine, Stanhope and Bloomberg to bring the Jack Morton designed TV studio to the heart of the Bloomberg London building from Fosters + Partners.

OSN Sports HD

A Dubai studio for streaming sports coverage, fronted by iconic presenter Jim Rosenthal.

Manoto Studio

This complex design was modular, allowing it to be adapted into multiple looks.

BBC Tokyo Olympics

Mixing real set elements and a substantial green screen, this virtual hybrid allowed viewers to see multiple locations across Japan.
BBC Tokyo Olympics

ITV Sport World Cup TV Studio

Circus and Theatre set design The largest football event in the world only comes around every four years and Scott Fleary were chosen to develop, manufacture and install the presenter’s studio for one of the major sports broadcasters in the UK, ITV Sports.

Good Morning Britain TV Studio

All Live. All Morning. 5 Days a week Continuing our long association with the good people at JMW New York an entirely new setting was conceived for Good Morning Britain as ITV completely changed up their morning schedule – all live, all morning, 5 days a week.